Maria Naylor | Primerica

It was my pleasure doing these headshots for Maria Naylor! Can you believe we took these on her property?!
She requested something that felt more natural/earthy, and I feel like we accomplished just that!

A little background:
I met Maria through the networking chapter that I joined in February 2020 called, Master Networks. Her story of originally being a healthcare worker, then switching to help people get an incredible life insurance policy (and more) really stuck with me.

When you plan your headshots, I encourage you to go beyond the professional black backdrop (don’t get me wrong, those still looks great).
Business photography has evolved a lot, and it feels like more than ever Clients want to CONNECT. I absolutely love this because
it’s amazing when you and your Client vibe perfectly together!

So, when you see these headshots…what do you think they say about her?

COVID19 Birthday | Bronya Schmoyer Ceramics

April 11, 2020…my daughter turned 13! Whaaat??!! I still can’t believe I have a TEENAGER! It’s amazing how fast they
grow in a blink of an eye. However, this year was different. The original plans of having a fun mother daughter shopping trip
didn’t happen. She was bummed, but ok since she is a pretty chill kid, but as a Mom I was sad for her.

Many of you who know me, or at least have followed me for awhile know that I’m a huge cheerleader for small businesses! With the change in plans, I was incredibly thrilled to see a special clay project that Bronya Schmoyer Ceramics was offering! I messaged her almost last minute, and ordered 2 clay projects because we all know little brother would want to play too! The day started with presents which she got some gift cards, crafts, makeup, and of course books! She is an incredible reader! For lunch we ordered Indian food from Banana Leaf in Mechanicsburg. It was so good as always! Then it was time to play! Earlier in the week, Bronya went LIVE on her facebook page to show how to make a pinch pot. She also encouraged us to make whatever we wanted if they kiddos had other ideas.

I can’t say enough how much joy this project was, and how fun it was to see my kid’s laugh with each other!!
Thank you so much Bronya for thinking outside the box during this pandemic! You’ve brought a lot of light, and laughter in our world!

Please check out her facebook and instagram for mugs she has available to purchase, and to see more of her work!