Courtney | Chiffon and Milk Bath Maternity Session

milk bath maternity session

This session was a dream! I love when I’m contacted about doing not just one, but two looks!! Currently I don’t have a studio (but I’ll have one someday), but when it comes down to it…almost anything is possible with the use of a family room. The backdrop is 2 black sheets, and her red dress is only 6 yards of chiffon. Check it out on my TikTok!

The milk bath, ah major swoon on this set too! My car smelled amazing when I was on my way to Lancaster! She wanted a lace dress when I had in my Client closet. It was perfect! All of my wardrobe is cleaned after every use with a sensitive, fragrance free detergent. Anytime you have a milk bath session, you want to use REAL flowers so they float If you’re allergic to flowers there are so many alternatives like fruit, and cereal for some ideas.

Thank you Courtney for choosing me to create this for you! I had so much fun working with you, and congratulations as you welcome your baby boy!

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