Selfless Service 2022 | Carlisle, Pa

Selfless Service 1st Annual Fundraiser, July 2022

Selfless Service is a non-profit organization created to help Veterans, Active-Duty Military, First Responders, and their families. Their mission is to help these people who serve/d our Country for little to no cost. They have provided help from anything to fixing things around their homes, getting supplies, and so much more! If you’re interesting in learning more, would like to volunteer, attend fundraising events, or donate at anytime, please check out their website and/or social media!

July 2022 was their 1st ever largest fundraising event and it was STELLAR!!! Your ticket includes AYCE BBQ, drinks, entertainment, and fireworks! There was a super special performance too by Lou Gramm from Foreigner! I’m not exaggerating when I say, this is an annual fundraising event you don’t want to miss. The energy of everyone coming together to support their cause, people chatting and sharing stories, the good food and music…it’s a perfect summer night hangout. Below are just some highlights of night.

Thank you to Alyssa, and all her volunteers, Lou Capozzi, and anyone else involved who made the night possible! 

BBQ by Grandpa’s Country Catering

J+A Wedding 2021 | Three Gables Barn

Congratulations to the new
Mr and Mrs Overhiser!!!

They were married on September 25, 2021 at
Three Gables Barn in Carlisle, Pa. 

Not only was it a gorgeous September day…John and Ashton planned a day full of surprises for their family and friends! The first was they had everyone convinced that they were not going to have an officiant, and instead unite themselves on their own. Ashton wanted to surprise her mother by having her cousin marrying them in honor of her late Uncle who died at war (her Mom’s brother). Her Mother’s smile said it all as you watched him approach the Bride and Groom. She really had no idea, and the rest of the ceremony was filled with many more smiles and laughter all around! Their vows were so personal with fun stories of the journey together.

Next on the schedule was the formal family pictures, the bridal party pictures with everyone together, and lastly pictures of just the Bride and Groom. We do their pictures last to allow them some time to just have a moment for themselves. It’s so important for couples to step away from the crowd, and look at each other and say 
“We did it!”

When we got to the reception…the surprises continued!! John and Ashton told us they choreographed their own first dance and they did NOT disappoint! It was a whole compilation of different songs, but a personal fav is when their dance started with 
The Greatest Showman! Ashton and her Dad also choreographed their own dance that was hilarious with the “Welcome to the Griswolds” sign!

They finished their night by dancing with everyone which went strong until the night concluded!

Enjoy some of the highlights from their gallery. Congratulations again John and Ashton!


They booked 10 hours of coverage, and the final gallery had a little more
than 1000 edited images. Amount of images will vary from wedding to wedding.

Venue: Three Gables Barn Carlisle, Pa
Hairstylist: Felicia Dupert
Makeup Artist: Alex Fol
DJ: Bob Foltz
Flowers: Bride’s Aunt
Cake and Cupcakes: Brides’ Mom
Videographer: JKM Productions
Caterer: Little’s Catering


Revolution Beauty Bar | Mayfield, Pa

Working with Shelley, the owner of Revolution Beauty Bar, and her ladies was a BLAST!!! I also never thought I’d be so obsessed with doing a shoot at a roller rink that we had all to ourselves! Shelley and I connected over Facebook about wanting to collaborate with photographers. It’s an amazing tribute on how social media can bring great new connections, and opportunities! Anyways, Shelley sent some inspiration for both shoots, and honestly we all rocked it! The tans, the hair, the girls…PERFECTION!
Please enjoy the work we all created, and I absolutely recommend contacting these ladies for their services.

Tans and Makeup: Revolution Beauty Bar
Hair: Nichole of Salon Joy
Jessie Mierzejewski
Bry Gresh
Valerie Weston

John and Ashton | Three Gables Barn

John had a day planned out to go to Opposum Lake, and go for a walk with Ashton. Things happened that some family came along too, and John and Ashton brought their dogs. It really sounded like a romantic, and fun day to be out with loved ones! Then, when John was ready, he handed the dog’s leash to Ashton’s sister. Ashton jokingly started calling him a “pansy” for not walking the dog, but little did she know what was about to happen. He got down on one knee, and proposed! BUT, she thought he was just kidding because they are a goofy couple who are playful, and love to joke around. John said he was serious, so she said told him to ask again!
Of course she said yes!

They were laughing while telling me their proposal story! It’s been a fun adventure getting to meet this couple, and I’m so excited for the wedding in September 2021. It will be stunning at the Three Gables Barn. Plus, their dog Rhett will be in it too!!

Baby “L” | Newborn Session

This little boy…he slept through the ENTIRE SESSION! We couldn’t get over how super chill he was! Little Miss “M” was hilarious too. The word that got her to smile the most was COOKIE! Working with kids is the best. Never a dull moment!

Boudoir Experience | Testimonial

“I’m too fat, maybe once I lose weight.”
“I’m not comfortable enough to do that.”
“It’s so expensive! Totally not in the budget”
“I don’t want people to see me like that.”

I hear those same reasons to NOT book a boudoir session, but let me tell you what you WILL gain from a boudoir experience.

Boudoir is for EVERYONE, and EVERY SHAPE! I will help guide, and show you how beautiful your curves are. I have seen women come into their session feeling unsure, but after a few shots, then showing them the back of my camera…here is what I start to hear:

“Oh my gosh I can really do this!”

Ladies, I want this for you! To show your fierce side, grow your confidence, and leave feeling empowered!

Before your session I will help you to prepare by discussing your vision, go over the little details, and outfits so you don’t have to stress at all! Your session includes my complimentary hair and makeup services for some amazing pampering before we begin your session. I love that time to get to know my Client’s even more! If finances are ever the problem, please don’t worry. I offer payment plans that fit everyone’s needs.

ALSO, I provide different options as to who is allowed to view your photos.
1. I want ALL the world to see
2. I only want certain ones to be visible for the world
3. These are for my eyes only

If you’re interested in booking a boudoir session with me, please contact me!

Also, these sessions aren’t just for ladies! I welcome couples, friends, and men too!


Now, let me tell you about this gorgeous lady right here…She is a huge advocate on body positivity no matter what stage in life you are at. Deb contacted me about my boudoir model call and she mentioned about her own journey, how much confidence she has gained, and that a boudoir session would be a great way to showcase that! What she wrote was so inspiring that I knew this session would do wonders for her! What I also enjoyed with her session is that we included different things she enjoyed like drinking coffee, and her ukulele! Your boudoir session can include anything that makes you happy too!

You can follow her on Instagram @deliberatelydeb

Some words from Deb on her Boudoir Experience:

“I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session, but I kept telling myself I’d wait until I lost more weight. Until I was thinner. Until my belly wasn’t so big. But then I realized I was putting off celebrating how awesome my body already is. This body is my home; with legs that take me places and arms that hug my soon-to-be husband, a mouth that speaks truth (and sometimes gets me in trouble) and my favorite part about myself, my mind, that choose to see the good in the world and fight to make it better. I’ve been learning to love myself for a long time, and learning to love my body for what feels like an even longer time. I was nervous going into the boudoir shoot; I already knew Melissa because we chose her to do our wedding photos, but I’m now going let her see a lot more of me, including the side of me that is still learning to love my body. It helped having her do my hair and makeup; we got to talk a lot about what this session meant for me and why it was so important to me. The first few shots I felt SO awkward, but she kept saying how great they were. I was trying to believe her and I knew she could tell, so she showed me a few of the photos she’d taken and OH EM GEE she was right – I looked like a freaking goddess. My anxiety disappeared and I started enjoying the benefits of learning to love myself and I had a BLAST the rest of the shoot. I looked great and felt even greater – so empowered and so proud of the body I call home. And now you can see it too – look at these amazing photos. Thank you, Melissa – I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience!”