John and Ashton | Three Gables Barn

John had a day planned out to go to Opposum Lake, and go for a walk with Ashton. Things happened that some family came along too, and John and Ashton brought their dogs. It really sounded like a romantic, and fun day to be out with loved ones! Then, when John was ready, he handed the dog’s leash to Ashton’s sister. Ashton jokingly started calling him a “pansy” for not walking the dog, but little did she know what was about to happen. He got down on one knee, and proposed! BUT, she thought he was just kidding because they are a goofy couple who are playful, and love to joke around. John said he was serious, so she said told him to ask again!
Of course she said yes!

They were laughing while telling me their proposal story! It’s been a fun adventure getting to meet this couple, and I’m so excited for the wedding in September 2021. It will be stunning at the Three Gables Barn. Plus, their dog Rhett will be in it too!!