Baby “C” | Adoption Session

Spring of 2018 while I was running a special model call, I received an email from Ashley that started a beautiful journey that I am so honored to have witnessed. July that year we met to take pictures of her that were for her adoption portfolio in hopes of being chosen by a family. Ashley shared with me a book called, I’ve loved you since forever, written by Hoda Kotb. She’s an author who is also the co-anchor for the Today show, and was inspired by her own adoption story. It was a lot of fun including this book in her session!  

Pictures above are from her session in July 2018.

In less than 1 year…there was so much excitement, and emotions when I saw she announced on her Instagram that she was chosen!! Shortly after Baby “C” was born, Ashley contacted me about my Adoption Session Special which is my way of supporting families who adopt children. During the consultation, I was in awe of her story of how he came to be, and how beautiful that someone chose life! I completely understand that everyone makes choices for their own reasons, but meeting Baby “C”…I don’t even have the words to sum up this experience other than it has taken my breath away! I knew when I met Ashley in 2018, that some little one will be very lucky to have her as a mommy. But really, just look at these pictures from her adoption session! The connection is out of this world, and proof that they are truly meant to be! I also loved how Mr. C’s very proud Aunt joined the session too!

She also included the next book from Hoda Kotb, You are my happy, which was perfect! It is as clear as day, that he is her happy.